Patient Information


Welcome to Parkview Dental Care!

The Parkview Dental Care Team looks forward to meeting you on your reserved appointment time.

Dental visits are by Appointment Only.

If you have a reserved appointment time and an emergency arises, please kindly inform us 48 hour advance notice, so there will be no fee.  Please call us at 773-736-1406.

Parkview Dental Care does not discriminate between individuals with  or without dental insurance.  All patients are treated the same, with high standards and the financial obligations are the same.  

Financial Obligation for All Patients:  Payment-in-full is due for services the day treatment is rendered.

Payment Types:  Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and CareCredit.

For Individuals WITH Dental Insurance:

Parkview Dental Care is an out-of-network PPO provider.  Parkview Dental Care is fee for service.  All PPO dental benefits will be reimbursed to YOU, instead of the dental office in about 2-4 weeks.  Payment-in-full is due on each dental visit.

For Individuals WITHOUT Dental Insurance:

We are proud to offer our exciting program.  See information on our page entitled No Insurance? No Problem!  Payment-in-full is due on each dental visit.

New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms:

1. Please print them out.

2. Fill them out.

3. Bring with you on your reserved dental visit.

Thank you!