6 Steps that help going to the dentist more FUN!

      Don't we all need a little more fun in our lives! How can going to the dentist be more fun? Have you heard someone say ... "the sound of a drill is like finger-nails on a chalkboard". In fact, the Journal of the American Dental Association has estimated that 30 to 40 million people have a fear of visiting the dentist. That doesn't sound fun. Is that you? Or someone you know? 

  To eliminate some of that fear, we've put together six steps to help you or a loved one overcome dental anxiety.

  1.   What are you most afraid of? - Is it the sound of the drill? Do you have needle phobia? Have you been traumatized by previous dental visits? Write down your fears so they don't stay in your heart and mind. Please share with us your fears and concerns so we may work to minimize stress and work together to make your visit a positive experience. Our goal is to make your visit to our dental practice as comfortable as possible. We have a comfort menu to help! We offer this to each one of our patients for their comfort.

  2.   Don't procrastinate on your dental visit. - The more frequently you visit the dentist, the less work needs to be done at any one visit. By following good daily oral hygiene habits and having your teeth cleaned professionally at our office twice a year - or as recommended - you can prevent many, if not most, problems. Before a problem presents, come get your teeth cleaned first, then it's easier to get teeth fixed when you have had an enjoyable dental visit. Less anxiety.

  3.   Listen to music. Be distracted in the dental chair. - Who doesn't love listening to music?! We recommend you listen to music and enjoy your favorite type of music while visiting our office. Our comfort menu offers you personalized music that you can listen to with disposable sanitary headphones. Our patients love it! Listening to music is enjoyable in the dental chair! Sorry, you just won't be able to sing along!

  4.   Ask questions. - Before the procedure, ask Dr. Bertagna (or your hygienist) questions that you want to know. We love dental questions! We are in the dental field because we love it, we can't wait to explain more about dentistry. Don't be shy! Ask us, we want you to! 

  5.   Relax. - Inhale slowly, until the count of five. Hold your breath for 10 seconds, then exhale slowly to the count of eight. Breathe deeply again, so that you feel your chest lift and lower. Breathe again and again. 

  6.   We are here to help you. - Remember, we are trained caring dental care professionals who want to help you improve your oral health. We don't judge you or the state of your mouth. Our goal is that you have an enjoyable and fun dental visit.

      We hope you will experience the fun that can be had by visiting Parkview Dental Care. Then you can help educate others that going to the dentist, especially Parkview Dental Care, IS a good thing! Come experience any dental visit with the relaxing items on our comfort menu to help you have an enjoyable dental visit at Parkview Dental Care!

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