Parkview Dental Care, David Bertagna, Cookie, Diana Sershon

What Makes Parkview Dental Care - Dentistry With Heart? ... The TEAM!

Parkview Dental Care believes that it takes the entire team:  doctors, hygienists, dental assistants and patient coordinators to encourage good oral hygiene and an enjoyable dental visit.


  1. Dr. Bertagna, is a kind person who  REALLY  loves helping people.  Has enjoyed 30 years helping individuals smile!
  2. Our thorough Hygienists (Cookie and Tamara) help and educates YOU to have healthy teeth and gums, for YOUR lifetime.  They have combined expertise of over 50 years being Registered Hygienists.
  3. The Clinical Assistant (Maria & Diane) helps Dr. Bertagna and the Hygienists be the best they can be, helping YOU feel cared for, pain-free and comfortable.  Together they have combined dental experience of over 29 years.
  4. The Administrative Team (Karen & Diane) HAPPILY supports by organizing Dr Bertagna and the Hygienists for a smooth patient visit! They have combined dental experience of over 20 years.
  5. The entire Parkview Dental Care team loves what we do so YOU can love and feel confident in your smile!