Parkview Dental Care - David Bertagna, DDS

Parkview Dental Care - Dentistry With heart

What is the "heart" of Parkview Dental Care?

Parkview Dental Care's "Heart" ...

1. Honesty.

2. Long-term Caring Dental Team.

3. High Standards in Disinfection & Sterilization.

4. Unhurried Visit. 

5. Aromatherapy.

6. Comfort Menu. 

7. Spacious Dental Office. 

8. Complementary WiFi.

9. Relaxing Saltwater Fish & Seahorses.

10. An Enjoyable Dental Experience.

Yes! An Enjoyable Dental Experience!

YOU get the time and special attention needed for your dental care.

Come to Parkview Dental Care and see if your heart feels our care and concern for YOU.

David Bertagna, DDS



Hello, I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of being a neighborhood dentist.  I try my best to provide honest, high quality dentistry with an attention to detail, in a fun and educational manner.  I am a people person and would like to do my best to understand your individual dental needs with care and respect.  

I wanted to make my dental facility unique by having it spacious and inviting.  I desire that you will find it as relaxing as I do and have a wonderful dental experience.

On a personal level - I married my high school sweetheart and have three beautiful children.  

I have several varied activities that I enjoy.  I love to read, especially positive good news.  On a weekly basis, I enjoy volunteering my time and energy in a Bible Educational Work.  I find caring for my fish tanks very relaxing as well as riding my motorcycle.