Insurance: Who REALLY Benefits?

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Insurance: Who REALLY Benefits?

      Did you know that a little less than half of all the people who live in the United States have no dental insurance? Since the late 1940's, when insurance coverage for employees was introduced, dental insurance has always taken a back seat.

      This is mainly due to the unfortunate fact that the importance of dental health has only in recent history become widely known. Yet insurance coverage for dentistry has not changed significantly since the early eighties.

      Back then, the maximum benefit allowed by the insurance companies was $1,000. Today, the very best coverage available is $2,000, with most maximum benefits being between $1,000 and $1,500. The cost of everything has risen since that time, especially in health care.

      The Affordable Care Act did little to nothing in providing access to dental insurance. In fact, this law has caused all insurance premiums to increase significantly for most people who are required to purchase health insurance. It also has resulted in tremendous increases in the deductible before insurance benefits become available.

      It is for these reasons that Parkview Dental Care is proud to offer a unique program, We're Parkview Dental Care... We've Got You Covered! This patient assistance savings program will provide access to high quality dental care for those who do not have dental insurance or for those dissatisfied with the options provided through their insurance carriers. The patient assistance savings program is not an insurance plan. This program cannot be used in conjunction with a dental insurance carrier.

      This program provides a proactive approach to dental care. The patient assistance savings program has at its core the concept of preventive dentistry. All diagnostic and preventive procedures are provided at no charge after the initial program fee is paid. Any restorative procedures required to bring the oral tissues back to proper health are provided at a discounted rate. 

      Parkview Dental Care will continue to provide dentistry with the highest standards possible. We look forward to serving you the way you deserve to be cared for. 

David Bertagna, DDS

David Bertagna, DDS

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